Imperial Cap

The Imperial Hat must be worn by a reserve pilot.

It is identical in every detail to the Imperial Crewman cap.

The colour and material must closely match the material of the flight-suit.

The cap can be purchased or made from a template.

The greeblie is the standard Imperial Greeblie.

If you are confident with a sewing machine, or know someone who is, this ImperialHatPattern.pdf can be used to in order to make the hat from scratch.

It is very important to get the lines of the cap correct. The front and back flaps need to overlap correctly. The hat shape needs to be conical and the bill needs to be the right size. The following picture demonstrates the good and bad.

Imperial Cap Lines
Diagram to demonstrate the correct and incorrect lines on the cap
Admiral Piett
A good example photo of the side of Admiral Piett’s hat
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