Imperial Flight-suit

The Imperial Flight suit can be purchased or made from a template.

The material must be black and cotton like.

There shall be two chest pockets, two hand pockets, two pockets on the thighs with flaps, a code cylinder pocket on the upper left arm, a pocket on the upper right arm with flap, and a pocket for the Imperial Compad on the left forearm. There are no other pockets to be worn. If the purchased flight-suit has pockets below the knees (which is quite common) then these need to be carefully removed.

Two Imperial Cogs are to be worn on the shoulder area of the arms. No other emblems, patches or pins are to be worn.

The flight-suit must fit correctly. I recommend that you fit stirrups to the bottom of the legs to avoid bunching of material when the boots are worn.

TIE Pilot Flight-suit
TIE Pilot Flight-suit
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