If you want to join the 501st Legion or any of the Detachments listed below, then I will assist you….

I am TK3493 of the 501st Legion FISD.  Being a grunt in the Imperial Army, I get to see all the action and help eliminate the Rebels that want to bring destruction to order.

I am IN3493 of the 501st IOC Detachment. This makes me part of the Death Squad serving on the Death Star. I aided in the interrogation of a certain Rebel Princess.

I am IC3493 of the 501st IOC Detachment. I have been serving on the Bridge of various Imperial-class Star Destroyers.

I am IG3493 of the 501st IGC Detachment. I have commenced tertiary, secondary and primary ignition on number canons of all sizes.

I am TI3493 of the 501st JRS Detachment. This makes me an Elite Pilot in the Imperial Navy. The best TIE Pilots fly without shields. This defines our fighting technique of Strike First, Strike Hard. All Guts, No Shields!